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Imago Dei Music Group Gospel artist Darwin Hobbs’ celebrated the release of his 6th album Champion. The party was a lovely intimate event held at the Georgian Terrace Hotel. “SHARP” in capital letters is definitely one word that can be used multiple times when describing the people and this event.

The red carpet, candle lit setting represented how much of a humble and wonderful person and artist Darwin Hobbs is. As the many guest arrived the love and support multiplied. Darwin was accompanied by his lovely wife Traci Hobbs, many friends including Q Parker solo artist of multi platinum group 112, Wingo of multi platinum group Jagged Edge,  model/actor Carlito (Litto) Arias, Rhodell in the ATL from Praise 102.5, fellow song writers, vocalists, and many more that helped his project come together.

As his guests looked over the Livingston Restaurant they were able to enjoy the sounds of the Champion album, wonderful hors’dourves, beverages, and a large platinum record shaped cake! Hosted by Praise 102.5’s Darlene McCoy and brought together by Darwin Hobbs’ wonderful team including Tina Deveaux, Max Siegal, and Bryant Scott, this night was one that highlighted the great characteristics of Darwin Hobbs.

Darwin Hobbs is one of those people that instantly light up the room.  As he entered close friends rushed to his side in excitement. The people that were guest at this party wanted him to know how much love they have for him and be aware of how much support he has. Darwin said in his speech that he likes to surround himself with people who he can call everyday, people that he can truly call his friends, and from what I experienced he has accomplished that in more ways than he knows.

Darwin has been working on this album for a year and when talking to him he wants his fans to be prepared for a different sound than what they are use to. This album was recorded completely live as a praise worship leader. Meaning no studio, no technician using the T-Pain auto tuning, this album is all Darwin Hobbs. When asked where his main influences came from for this album Darwin tried his best not to give a cliché answer but he could only answer how he felt. His main inspiration came from his relationship and intimacy with God. He told me that with out the communication of God relaying the messages of the songs the album wouldn’t be as great as it is.  Darwin Hobbs is a man who believes in getting it, meaning your dream, and making it for yourself first.

He said that, “If you won’t do it for yourself what makes you think anyone else would.” Darwin placed inspiring words that can be significant and interpreted by so many people into the room. When people listen to this album they will feel the uplifting words come alive through his songs.  This release party for the album Champion is only the first celebration that will honor the hard work that Darwin Hobbs and his team has put forth during the last year. This album will bring many more in the future and fans and new listeners need to be prepared.

–Ariane Camille