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We say it often in a casual greeting, ‘Hi, how are you?’ However, when was the last time you greeted someone this way and REALLY cared about how they were? After all, you DID ask. The reality is, most of us don’t care. Let me rephrase it. We DO care, but we have so many of our own cares on our plate that we really don’t have the time or the energy to put someone else’s care on our plate. This is why people don’t like to get involved because handling your cares AND my cares is perceived as simply too much. Here’s the thing. The child of God was never designed to hold on to his own cares. They belong to God. He says give them to me because I care for you. When you care for someone you show them by carrying some of their load. We were placed here to help bear one another’s burdens. We can do it too, because God bears OUR burdens and cares.

1 Peter 5:7 – casting all your care upon him, for He cares for you.