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Cobb County authorities are looking to re-arrest Jessica Colotl, the Kennesaw State University senior and illegal immigrant at the center of a growing controversy.

Colotl — who was caught driving without a license, sent to an immigration detention center and released last week — was 10 years old when her parents brought her to the Unites States from Mexico, friends said.

Sheriff Neil Warren obtained a warrant Wednesday evening saying the 21-year-old Colotl committed a felony by giving authorities a false address while in custody, according to WSB-TV. Authorities have not found her yet.

“It is sad that Ms. Colotl’s parents chose to enter the United States illegally and ultimately put her in this position,” Warren said in a statement. “However, Ms. Colotl knew that she was in the United States without authority to be here and voluntarily chose to operate a vehicle without a driver’s license, which is a violation of Georgia law. She has further complicated her situation with her blatant disregard for Georgia law by giving false information.”

Colotl was granted KSU’s in-state tuition after graduating from a Georgia high school. KSU officials now will charge her with out-of-state tuition.

Colotl had been on track to graduate this fall with a political science degree. She hopes to become a lawyer.

When Colotl was released last week, immigration authorities deferred action on her status for one year, seemingly giving her time to complete her degree. But now Cobb County authorities are looking to re-arrest her.