For the past several days I haven’t been able to sleep, I’ve been a little anxious somewhat lethargic, can’t seem to get my focus on, people who God had sent out of my life are showing up seemingly better than they were but still the same person (Tricks),. A lot of areas that I’ve conquered in my life and been have strong I’m now starting to feel weak. I’m looking at the promise and the vision God gave me and they somehow seem unattainable. At the same time, I see clearly the avenues to take to make the vision come to pass quickly. I feel as though God is giving me clear instruction and even the provision to get it done but somehow I’m second guessing what I’m hearing from Him.

I’ve been meeting prominent people (Great men and Kings) who I believe that I am supposed to be connected to in this next season that I would have never had access to in the past.  Somehow I am sensing that I am at the Finish Line but being distracted by a series of attacks.  When I saw the news yesterday of the bombings at the Boston Marathon, God gave me a chance to see it with my spiritual eyes.  The enemy will not launch an attack this great on you at the start of the race because you are too focused, you are prepared, you are trained and you have the most energy and power, and vision, focus and faith at the beginning.  This is when you are excited and you are making your prophetic declarations over your promise and your vision. You are so powerful at the beginning of your race that the enemy knows that if he wants to launch a sneak attack on you the chances of getting you distracted enough to be attacked are slim because you are way too ready for him to try you.

Remember He DOES NOT COME EXCEPT to Steal your victory, KILL U, and DESTROY your Destiny. His Cowardly yet strategic plan is to catch you after you have gained some ground, after you have settled in your pace, after you have been running so much that you’ve lost energy, when you need replenishing because u have given out so much. He wants to get you when you are exhausted, yet RIGHT in the VIEW of your victory. When you have almost forgotten about the power it takes to endure, when you see your victory and even IT is distracting you from watching what’s going on around you. Just when your thought is, “I’ve made it…THAT’S when he counteracts your stride with his GREATEST attack.  The enemy has even been THREATENING you with major attacks that he never launched (N. Korea) as you came NEAR the view of the finish and STILL didn’t launch an attack to KILL U until you could SEE the finish line.  Family be encouraged, Jehovah NISSI is STILL our banner, He is faithful over the WORD He spoke over you, He who has begun a GOOD work in you will perform it. Keep running, the weapons will form but the PROMISE of God is that they WON’T prosper.

Watch what’s going on around you now more than ever and keep pressing toward the mark, Just wanna remind you today that YOU WILL STILL FINISH STRONG! So tell the enemy that YOU Are STILL WATCHING!!!

Boston Marathon 2013
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