Erica Campbell discusses how difficult it can be to hold on to your joy during the holiday season. This doesn’t even necessarily because people are single, or dealing with family issues- it happens because of the shift into cold weather and lack of sunshine. But Erica urges us to hold onto our joy through our […]

Winter is approaching and the cold weather is practically already here, causing natural hair to become dryer than usual. It’s important to take extra care…

We’ve transitioned from Summer to Fall, and come December 22, Winter will make yet another appearance – hopefully a milder one than the year before (purely a selfish request of course). But no matter how mild or harsh the weather change is, one thing’s for certain, our skin type during the summer will undoubtedly change going into […]

Fall and winter bring changes in nature, fashion, and even hair maintenance!  For instance, going outside with damp hair can cause you to become ill.  Also, the cold, dry weather can extract moisture from your hair, making it brittle and prone to breakage.  But wearing protective hairstyles prevents the weather from having such harsh effects […]

Because of current economic hardships and extreme need, many people have previously stood in long lines for hours hoping to get financial assistance without success. The Fulton Atlanta Community Action Authority (FACAA) has received additional funding to help families pay their home heating bills. They will begin taking applications from eligible Atlanta and Fulton County […]

The Winter is making a big statement all across the U.S. this holiday season.  Heavy winds, cold flurries and a lot of snow have ushered  into many cities and made a grand entrance.  Bundling up and keeping warm is the best way to survive this season.  Who likes to be cold anyway?

VIA: According to the Weather Channel, even Fairbanks, Alaska, had a better winter than Atlanta. The state closest to Russia was on the Weather Channel’s list of cities that had the best winter weather. Meanwhile, Atlanta was No. 8 on the worst list. Meteorologists from the 24-hour weather network — which is based in […]

Looks like we’ll see snow flying in the Atlanta area Thursday.  Georgia State Troopers want you to consider these tips to stay safe on the roads. 1. If you don’t have to go out and risk driving on icy roads or being stranded in the cold, stay home. 2. If you do have to drive, […]