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According to People Magazine, 32-year-old Racquel Bailey spent $2,000 that was originally for her rent for two billboards in Atlanta in hopes to get the attention of Tyler Perry. The sign read, “Attention Mr.Perry, Racquel Bailey is your next leading lady.” The determination that Bailey developed actually landed her on HBO’s “The Night Of.” Tyler Perry eventually […]

Geoffrey Owens might not be from the era of the social media, but his life was turned upside down when a photo of the actor working at Trader Joe’s showed up on the internet. People ridiculed and bullied him to the point where he had to do an interview with Good Morning America explaining his […]

Actor Keith David has more than 150 film, TV and stage roles under his belt.

Palmer Williams talks about working on Tyler Perry's "Love Thy Neighbor."

Election 2016

The HuffPost forecast model shows Clinton has a 98.2 percent chance of becoming the nation’s next president and will likely win with 323 electoral votes.

Erica Campbell and GRIFF had the chance to chat with writer, actor and producer Tyler Perry about his political drama on TLC, “Too Close To Home.” He opens up about his favorite part of the process of creating a new film, play or TV show. Plus, he talks about when we can expect to see […]


  Television and film mogul Tyler Perry is using his wealth to offer what little comfort her can to the family of the twin toddlers who died after being left in a hot car by their father in West Georgia last Thursday. WSB-TV reported that Perry contacted the station to make the offer after he saw a news […]


Film mogul Tyler Perry has made his mark in the movie industry and now hit a major milestone in the realm of real estate. According to reports, Perry’s Atlanta mansion has been sold for $17.5 million, becoming the most expensive residential sale in the city’s history. The 34,688-square-foot home features a home theater, infinity pool, […]

  Tyler Perry chats with the morning show family about his job as host and narrator of FOX’s “The Passion,” a live musical event about Christ.…


Next year is gearing up to be a big one for live musicals over at FOX; it was recently announced Tyler Perry will host a religious musical special just in time for Easter.


What do Steve Harvey, Tyler Perry, Ford Motor Company, Walmart and so many other successful brands have in common? Their beginning looked nothing like their end. We tend to exalt the glory of the end PRODUCT over the gruesome journey of the PROCESS. A diamond has value ONLY because of the process. Otherwise, it’s just […]


In a viral Facebook post, Tyler Perry demands respect for Bobbi Kristina and the Brown/Houston family as Bobbi K’s health continues to deteriorate. Earlier this…