Erica Campbell recalls hanging out at her grandma’s house as kid with all of her siblings. If any of the kids acted up, Erica recalls, their grandma wouldn’t be mean or yell at them, she would pray at them. In this way she would reprimand them in love, as opposed to being antagonistic or spiteful. […]

I received a Facebook inbox from a sister asking how to know if a guy really respects you or not. I addressed her question as well as made it more general to apply to anyone with the same question. I’m sharing with you here what I shared via inbox For more info about KD Bowe […]

We all desire it. Aretha Franklin wrote a song about it. R-E-S-P-E-C-T But how well do you function when the people you REALLY desire it from don’t give it to you? Glad you asked. Everyone has SOMETHING that they respect and if you really HAVE to have a particular person’s respect in order to advance, […]

68 years ago today the Queen of Soul was born in Memphis, Tennessee as Aretha Louis Franklin. The soul, jazz and gospel afficionado was ranked #1 in Rolling Stone magazine’s greatest singers of all time.