When you think about intimacy, what comes to mind? Did you know that often you and your spouse have TOTALLY DIFFERENT ideas about what intimacy is?? Today, licensed therapist & life coach Robin May and I discuss the topic of intimacy & what your spouse NEEDS you to know about how THEY feel about it. […]

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We all can remember the time we got our heart broken… male and female. How do guys handle heartbreak? For most, not very well. We may not SAY much, but heartbreak has long lasting effects on us and everyone we’re associated with. Dr Alduan Tartt discusses the things a man MUST to to overcome heartbreak. […]


There’s a Nigerian Proverb that says ‘A heart in love finds a thousand ways. A heart in question finds a thousand excuses’. Show me a person full of excuses as to why they can’t adjust, accommodate, pull up, or compromise for the sake of love, and I will show you a person who is more […]


Ever wonder why your romance feels dull and maybe even distant? We often look for the “BIG” things that destroy relationships while ignoring the “…little foxes that destroy the vine” (Solomon 2:15).  If we are honest, we can admit that over time we become consumed with the demands of life and before we know it, […]

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Judge Lauren Lake from “Paternity Court” sees all kinds of dysfunctional relationships in her court room. She says a huge part of the problem is…


  Life Coach & licensed therapist, Robin May stopped by the K.D. Bowe show to give advice on relationships. Relationships take work. And therefore before you get in one, please make sure you are ready! Here are FIVE CLUES that indicate whether we are ready for a relationship! Reason # 5: YOU HAVE NEVER GONE LONGER THAN SIX […]