Check out KD’s perspective on the trending topic of Ayesha Curry! Was it wrong for Ayesha to confess her truth? Find out here!

In this edition of GRIFF’s Prayer, GRIFF is all about seeing the glass half full. He’s not into “playing devil’s advocate,” or cursing the inconvenient things that happen to us and saying they’ve come from the devil. He’s determined to keep his perspective flipped so the positive side is up, no matter what kind of […]

A truth I’ve recently learned is this: What you focus on expands. It’s not so much that it get’s bigger, but it takes up more of your minds real estate. What you regularly focus on, either good or bad, is what will get your attention more often than not. Here’s one simple example: Think of […]

Greek philosopher and author Plato said, ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’. What an amazingly true statement! You would be amazed at how creative you can be when you really need to be. I think of the invention called the backscratcher. I would image someone suffered with an incredibly itchy back, got tired of being […]

Winter brings the bitter cold, however, it also brings toasty fireplace moments. Most situations have a brighter side. It’s the person who routinely finds this side that experiences the most peace. Traffic lights have both red and green, but isn’t it funny that we only call them red lights? Half empty looks exactly like half […]

We are limited by the boundaries of our perspective. Our perspectives are determined by our experiences. Limited experiences typically mean limited perspective. Be careful about rushing to judgment about that which you have no perspective. It’s amazing how people who have NO experience in a particular area are so quick to judge. If this is […]