In this video, Dr Ron Archer discuss the 3 phases of a man. For more info about KD Bowe or to schedule him to provide inspirational words at your next event, contact him via or any of his social media platforms below!

Most of us are survivors of some type of wound from our past. Sometimes it’s the pain from the wounds of those closest to us that linger the longest. Today, international motivational speaker, Dr Ron Archer discusses how to overcome the wounds of those who hurt us and truly forgive. For more info about KD […]

Dr Ron Archer is an international motivational speaker who is the product of an encounter with his prostitute mother and one of her john’s. He was a ‘trick baby’. His story is quite the story of redemption. Be empowered by today’s #ManUPMonday video! Category For more info about KD Bowe or to schedule him to […]

I’ve always wondered about the relationship I share with my daughter and why it was so special & uniquely different from the one I share with my sons. Jackie Brewton breaks down the power of the Daddy/Daughter relationship. #ManUPCommunity Join ManUP! Community by visiting For more info about KD Bowe or to schedule him […]

I’ve found that the conversation about fatherhood brings up some pretty deep seated emotions. Many are reluctant to discuss the topic because of the way it makes them feel. Some guys feel bad because either their father wasn’t there or they themselves haven’t been very engaging to their children. Some women feel some type of […]

We all can remember the time we got our heart broken… male and female. How do guys handle heartbreak? For most, not very well. We may not SAY much, but heartbreak has long lasting effects on us and everyone we’re associated with. Dr Alduan Tartt discusses the things a man MUST to to overcome heartbreak. […]

In my opinion, infidelity is an act of cowardice. No matter who does it… her or him. However, when men choose to cheat, they tend to cheat DOWN, not UP. Dr Alduan Tartt explains what this means in this edition of ManUP! Monday. For more info about KD Bowe or to schedule him to provide […]

A brother asked me a question one Saturday: ‘If God created men with all that makes us men, why do you say He want us to CHANGE to please Him?’ Jasper Williams, III and I address that question here. Listen and feel free to leave your comments below. For more info about KD Bowe or […]

Youth Motivational Speaker and Sex Education Expert Jackie Brewton has impacted 1000’s of teens’ lives with her candid, no holds barred, family friendly approach. She joined us for two shows and most likely will be joining again! Here are both shows.

We are often told about the benefits of forgiveness and that we are to forgive, yet it’s rare to hear someone tell us HOW to forgive. Today, forgiveness coaches Bruce and Toni Hebel provide practical steps on just how to do that. Enjoy!

Sometimes the laying on of hands isn’t always for healing the sick!

Every Monday is ‘Man Up Monday’ on the KD Bowe Show. We have begun a series dealing with rites of passage. Pastor Jasper Williams, III is outlining 7 stages that every child must complete to enter adulthood whole. We will deal with them in more detail on air each week, but so that you can […]