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Every Monday is ‘Man Up Monday’ on the KD Bowe Show. We have begun a series dealing with rites of passage. Pastor Jasper Williams, III is outlining 7 stages that every child must complete

to enter adulthood whole. We will deal with them in more detail on air each week, but so that you can have them all upfront, the stages are as follows:

Stage 1 “The Introduction”: Every child deserves the opportunity to know God in the womb and throughout life.

Stage 2 “The Room aka The Environment”: Every child deserves a safe place to discover themselves and their environment. They deserve to know where the boundaries are. Every child should be able to say “I like this” or “I don’t like that.”

Stage 3 “The Rules”: Every child must have moral and social parameters established to teach them how to reconcile when there’s been an offense.

Stage 4 “How to Relate”: Every child has to learn how to grow through positive and negative feedback.

Stage 5 “Receive/Reciprocate”: This is likely the largest portion of development. Every child has to learn how to give and receive. Take what’s been given to them and know when they should give them back.

Stage 6 “Reigning”: Every child has to master a skill set so that they can have something to give. The object is to walk in dominion over bad and good portions of life.

Stage 7 “Released”: Every child deserves to be accepted as an adult without assaulting you in your area of deficiency.

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