“I am teaching you the secret of being content in any and every situation. This secret is all about Me—who I am and what I offer you. I am your Creator and King, your Savior and Shepherd. I offer you Myself in all My Power and Glory. I am the only One who can empower […]

Meagan Good & DeVon Franklin made headlines when they decided to be celibate until marriage.

Bromleigh McCleneghan is an Associate Pastor, a mother of three, and the author of “Good Christian Sex.” The book seeks to re-examine the notion of chastity before marriage in a world where it is rare to find a pair of people who are waiting until after the wedding to have sex. She explains that she’s […]


1. Have to forgive one another; there is no intimacy without forgiveness 2. Court once again and get to know each other. 3. You have to work on yourself…if you are not intimate with yourself you will not be intimate with your spouse. 4. Your relationship with God must be intact and God is Love.