We are identifying ways to determine when our romantic partner be it your spouse or your significant other is in a bad mood and how we can manage ourselves when our partners just have some things going on. Evaluate your own reaction to their mood. If you find yourself feeling depressed it’s often because you […]

CANOROUS PRONUNCIATION: (kuh-NOR-uhs, KAN-uhr-uhs)  MEANING: adjective: Melodious; musical.  USAGE: “The canorous sounds of the Clark Sisters, Hezekiah Walker and the Love Fellowship Choir and Erica Campbell … provided me the encouragement I need for this moment.”

“Since you stole our money how about we press charges and call the IRS” Now that’s funny! Make sure to watch: Lexi Presents “Mary Mary…

“Hopeless and Broken, Alone and abandoned, can’t see my way through my tears…no sign of light, in the darkest of night can’t find my faith for my fears” Those are not just lyrics to the first verse of my song “I Shall Live and Not Die” but it was my reality at a point in […]

So, earlier this morning I tweeted “WHEW… after being married 18 years, I sure am enjoying the “Single Life” THIS is GREAT!!! I guess I forgot how many followers I have with different perceptions of what this tweet may imply because I had a slew of tweets and direct messages from people that had a […]

Do you sometimes feel the presence of God like a dominating Light? Then other times, you can barely get a flame? Well Here is the PROMISE of the LORD “ I will NEVER leave you Nor forsake you” So you know HE is ALWAYS present no matter How it feels.Family we extinguish the flame of […]

I have a daughter that’s turning 23 and two sons, one is 19 and the other is almost 13 years old. My daughter is really creative and writing scripts for movies and sitcoms while my son is in college going after a degree in criminal justice. I had all three of them with me the […]

I just want to take a moment to remind you of something today my friend….You are significantly loved. You don’t have to do anything to earn this love. It’s a gift from Your Heavenly father, and this Love is yours no matter what you do. I know that life brings us circumstances and we even […]

Hear my heart on this; I am a worshipper. I have been known to be a lil extra in the midst of my praise sometimes because quite simply, I love the Lord and I love to praise Him. However, I see people carrying on and wilding out in church and I think that they are […]

Family, some of you may know and some may not, but I have been single for almost two years and I have learned a lot on my journey to wholeness.  Being married for 18 years with a faithful commitment to my family in nurturing and growing and supporting them all of my adult life, this […]

I’ve got a question for you.  What do you really think of yourself? People may call you friend, co-worker- cousin and all of that is great, but who do you say that you are? Healthy self-esteem is perhaps the most important and basic quality of a winning human being.  You want to be able to […]

If you loved the “Take Me To Burger King” parody video from Praise 102.5’s own Darlene McCoy, then you are gonna lose it when you see her take on Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable!” Check out this hilarious video, featuring comedian Special K from the Rickey Smiley Morning Show! RELATED: Take Me To “Burger King” By Darlene McCoy [PARODY] […]