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LeAndria Johnson, winner of BET’s Sunday Best (Season 3), is under fire for her Periscope broadcast during Labor Day weekend where she was filmed cursing and drinking.

On Monday Night September 6th, Leandria Johnson went on a Periscope rant that had everyone talking Tuesday Morning.  My very first Periscope Broadcast was Tuesday morning and as I invited my fans into my morning drive everyone kept asking me to call Leandria and Check on her .  So I reached out to see if she was ok, and she told me that she owes no one any explanation but that she would like to come to Darlene’s Day Party and bring clarity to the situation. Prophet Brian Carn,  respected throughout the Body of Christ for his precise prophetic insight and for being a powerful voice of reason to this generation also called into Darlene’s Day Party and had dynamic dialogue with Leandria Johnson.

Leandria definitely brought up a subject that many refuse to approach in the Body of Christ. In her own unique way Leandria brings many questions on the topic of “Public and Private Lifestyle” to the forefront. Her position is bold, unapologetic, and real.  She is respected regardless of the rant and by some as a result of her boldness on Periscope that night for “Keeping it 100”.  She also brought the pastors, leaders, and a plethora of believers in Christ to the rink with her as she was being challenged on her position on the subject.  So what do YOU think?  Is there a such thing as being too real?  If you don’t expose to the public everything that you do privately are you fake?

– Darlene McCoy