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Protest over the killing of unarmed teen in Ferguson

Demonstrators raise their hands during a rally to protest the shooting death of an unarmed teen by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, on August 14, 2014. Eighteen-year-old Michael Brown was shot dead by police in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri on August 09, 2014. (Photo by Bilgin S. Sasmaz/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

M.O.B.S. Mothers of Black Sons is purposed to put another face and another perspective on the African American Male by hearing the voices of mothers. In the wake of the tragedies in our communities with our young black men, from gang violence, black on black crime, and of course the obvious disrespect and devalue law enforcement in Ferguson Missouri, a random white citizen in Jacksonville Florida, and a security officer in Sanford Florida, mothers are standing up and speaking up. Our Young Men are obviously living with a low sense of dignity in a nation where they should recognize their power and their strength as a class of people. Carrying a powerful countenance and graceful confidence that the Lord will hear their prayers, hundreds of mothers and sons gathered on the steps of CNN in Atlanta Georgia and walked, praying and singing and standing for their sons. Women who do not have sons but are aunts, grandmothers and even neighbors attended the walk. Mothers who have lost their sons Monique Rivard Mother of Bobby Tillman who was beaten to death as a gang initiation in Atlanta GA., and Pam Champion Mother of Robert Champion whose son was hazed by his peers at FAMU both attended and addressed the crowd.

“Whenever the enemy seek a promise rising in a generation, He goes to attack that seed and tries to cut it off..I believe that the enemy seesa deliverer and a promise rising in our African American men and he says he will kill them all just to get a few that are rising leaders..just as in the Days of Moses and the Days of Jesus”…Bishop Clarence McClendon

“The Word of God Says if My People Would Humble themselves and Pray and Seek my Face and Turn from our wicked ways I will Hear from Heaven and Heal the Land we are calling for repentance from the Spiritual leaders who are more invested in their own possession, their own ministries and the money and the cars and have turned their backs and silenced their voices on our young black men” Prophetess Morrison

“In the days when Jesus was born King Herod ordered all the male children to be killed in FEAR of the rising of the Son of man MARY the MOTHER of Jesus fled and hid him because she knew that Jesus was a promise, In the days of Moses when The Egyptian kings and pharaohs heard of a deliverer being born, Jochabed the MOTHER of Moses covered her son and TRUSTED God with Him knowing that GOD will guide him to destiny. I have two amazing sons and a phenomenal daughter who I have invested my prayers, support, guidance and direction to and I believe they are destined for greatness. Our sons deserve to walk out their purpose on this earth. Whenever my sons tell me they are going somewhere it is un-nerving for a mother to have to think about the possibility of her sons being killed by his peers for a misunderstanding on social media, or incarcerated to find out years later that it was all a mistake, or unarmed and killed because a police officer is afraid of him. I feel that in this day and time it is imperative for Mothers to align with the spirit of Mary and Jochabed and COVER our sons”…Darlene McCoy

“I had to be here because I see everybody standing for everything else, but who is standing for us”—a 17 year old son who attended the walk.

Darlene McCoy is the Founder and visionary for M.O.B.S. Mothers of Black Sons.

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