Breast Cancer Patients have more challenges than the obvious. Many of them can’t work, so they have tough times paying rent, utility bills, car notes, insurance etc. etc. Friends and Family of Ms Cynthia are inviting you to participate in a Walk-a-thon, Saturday, March 5, 2011 at 10:00 am, at Wesley Lake Elementary School, 685 […]

  Is your home mortgage bill getting more and more difficult to pay? Are you facing foreclosure? Have you lost your job? Relief may be coming. NACA (Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America) has returned to Atlanta to help struggling homeowners. NACA will sit you down with banks and financial institutions in an effort to cut […]

Join the Radio-One family and the Bobby Tillman Family (BFAM) in a “Stop the Bullying” event, Saturday, March 5, 2011. Bullying happens when someone hurts or scares someone and usually the victims have a difficult time of defending themselves. Bullying comes if many forms. The most obvious is physical bullying such as hitting, punching or […]

The internet technology  and social media can be a tool of abuse in the hands of a dating partner.  Partnership for Domestic Violence is hosting its second annual “Spotlight on Teen Dating Violence: Upload Awareness.” So you and your family can learn about the dangers that Facebook, Twitter  and other technology can bring and what you […]

Atlanta, GA ‐ iNetwork.  Inc.  and  The  iN  Kids will  team  up  with  Saving  Our  Daughters to  host  the  4th Annual Saving  Our  Daughters  Book  Signing featuring  recoding  artist  Tiffany  Evans (The  Music  World  Entertainment/Columbia  Records) on  Saturday  February  19th at  the  Barnes  &  Noble  @  Camp Creek  Marketplace  located  in  College  Park,  Georgia.   The event […]

Patient of the Month  Nylah 2 years old  Diagnosis: Nylah was found to suffer from Wilms tumor, a solid tumor of the kidney, in spring 2010. Nylah’s story: Nylah loves baby dolls and dancing. She isn’t one bit shy and loves to have her photograph taken. “Even when she developed a fever, she was the same […]