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Breast Cancer Patients have more challenges than the obvious. Many of them can’t work, so they have tough times paying rent, utility bills, car notes, insurance etc. etc. Friends and Family of Ms Cynthia are inviting you to participate in a Walk-a-thon, Saturday, March 5, 2011 at 10:00 am, at Wesley Lake Elementary School, 685 McDonough Pkwy. in McDonough.  Ms. Cynthia is a single parent with minor children. Her breast cancer is in an advanced stage, so at this time, she can’t work. This weekend’s walk-a-thon is her community’s effort to make her treatment period and recovery as stress free as possible. There will also be entertainment, activities for the kids like balloon races and face painting and prizes. Bring your family and find out how you can help breast cancer patients. Or register online at