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2 years old


Nylah was found to suffer from Wilms tumor, a solid tumor of the kidney, in spring 2010.

Nylah’s story:

Nylah loves baby dolls and dancing. She isn’t one bit shy and loves to have her photograph taken. “Even when she developed a fever, she was the same happy child,” said her mother. For weeks, Nylah had a fever on and off, but her energy level and smile never waned.

But when her mother noticed the left side of little Nylah’s stomach felt hard, she took her to the local children’s hospital. There, tests revealed the baby had a tumor on her left kidney. “That moment changed my whole life,” her mother said. The doctor was certain the tumor was cancerous and immediately sent the family to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

At St. Jude:

At St. Jude, doctors determined Nylah suffered from Wilms tumor. Her treatment included six rounds of radiation and surgery, followed by chemotherapy. Nylah responded well to treatment, and she’ll return to St. Jude frequently for close monitoring.

Nylah’s mother is grateful for the care and attention St. Jude staff provides not just to Nylah, but to her, as well. “I was so scared at first,” she said. She had to learn to flush Nylah’s line and change her dressings, and she worried she’d hurt Nylah. “But everyone was so patient,” she said. “They took their time to teach me the things I need to do for Nylah, to make sure I was comfortable.”

Nylah loves St. Jude, especially the play areas. During appointments, she holds out her arm for her nurses to take her blood pressure and sits still when they take her vitals. “St. Jude is a blessing,” her mother said. “The doctors and nurses are behind you 100 percent. St. Jude really feels like home.” 

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