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The United States has a history of deporting undocumented persons, but the Obama Administration is taking a new stance. Instead of removing these individuals, President Obama will grant “young illegal immigrants” permits to work. This legislation will impact more than 800,000 illegal immigrants. The work permits are one, among many recent stances that the Obama Administration has taken, including same-sex and women rights; however, critics question what President Obama has done for “Black America.”

The African American demographic, the main supporters of President Obama, face the effects of unequal education systems, mass incarceration, and The War on Drugs. Parents are being torn from their children and homes, receiving multiple life sentences for non-violent crimes whether prior criminal records exist, or not. For instance, Mario Lloyd of Chicago received 14 life sentences for non-violent crimes. Another example is Clarence Aaron, who was sentenced to 20 years for only witnessing a drug deal. With the power to alter these statistics, will he? What has President Obama done for “Black America?”

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