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Neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman’s jail phone calls to his wife, Shellie Zimmerman have been released and they shine a light on just how sinister both the Zimmermans are. Zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder for killing unarmed Florida teenager Trayvon Martin.

The most shocking part of the calls comes during the fourth call when Zimmerman told Shellie they would have two rented cars and then joked about needing a disguise, saying, “Well, I have my hoodie.” (Click for the transcription of the call and the “hoodie” remark is on page 11).

If you listen to these calls, you will hear a couple that is unfazed by Zimmerman’s murder charges. They are more concerned with living a life of luxury upon Zimmerman’s release. Check out all five calls below.

The first set of audio, the Zimmermans talk about the support they received from George’s website, how they will have a better life after all of this is over and Shellie even joked about watching him on TV right at that very moment.

George Zimmerman Phone Call To Shellie Zimmerman #1

The second call starts with the two speaking cryptically about changing the password and security questions of something very important. I’m thinking it’s their bank account information–since they spent some time splitting up all the money they received from supporters into separate accounts so that the government wouldn’t realize what the modern day Bonnie & Clyde was up to. Shellie mentioned she got the house and that it was under a man named “Jay’s” name. Oh it gets juicier–George then asked his wife to take out $10 and keep it with her, then asked if she had access to more than $10. Then he tried to explain to her to put another $10 into “her” (a separate account). Listen below.

George Zimmerman Phone Call To Shellie Zimmerman #2

The third set brings in an employee from an “institution–” more than likely the bank that the Zimmermans tried to split their money in different accounts. The woman from the “institution” was helping the Zimmermans reset their passwords. Susie–George’s sister was then brought in to have an account set up in her name. Listen to the call below.

George Zimmerman Phone Call To Shellie Zimmerman #3

George reminded his wife, Shellie to set a reminder to “do it” everyday. He was referring to transferring money from hers to his account on a daily. George mentioned a “Ken” and “Peter Pan” that could also do transfers daily. Shellie also mentioned getting a lease agreement set up with a landlord–more than likely setting up housing for she and George after his expected release. George gave Shellie instructions to pay all the bills at home, except the two recent ones. If you’ve followed this case, you should know that the money that had been raised by his supporters was supposed to be for his defense, not his personal living expenses. There’s even mentions of bullet-proof vests. Check out the call below.

George Zimmerman Phone Call To Shellie Zimmerman #4

In this call, George receives a package, almost as if he’s at home, just chit chatting on the phone and answering the door for FedEx. This lackluster call is literally showing you how much privilege George Zimmerman is receiving in jail. Each call is over 10 minutes and this particular one has no real point. The Zimmermans are chatting casually–that is, of course until they get to the paying of his bond. Listen to the call below.

George Zimmerman Phone Call To Shellie Zimmerman #5


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