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Source: Elev8

Gospel super duo partner Erica Campbell of Mary Mary, writes about the recent changes in life with the addition of a new baby, album and upcoming reality tv show. Erica was quoted as saying:

The last few months of my life have been crazy. I was filming a reality show and working right up until the delivery of my now newborn baby girl, Zaya Monique. She’s now 24 days old.

I was thinking about “going through” things in life, or should I say “growing through.”

This has been the most emotionally draining time ever in my career. We’ve been busy times before, but something about this last season felt so different.

We all have tests in life, and they show us who we are and where we are.

Do we crumble or fight through? Do we cry and complain through our situations? Or do we stand, fight, and stay focused hoping to see victory?

Victory makes it all worth it, right?