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Ever wonder how to keep the fire burning in your relationship? There’s no one right answer and there are many ways to keep your relationship exciting.

Blogger Robin M. May discussed this recently on her blog and addressed both men and women’s concerns.

Read what she wrote about women:

Ladies.  Married ladies specifically.  This is for you.  Wait. Let me keep it real.  This is for us…me included.

I am always baffled when I hear women tripping because their husband wants to have sex…and a lot of sex…with them.

Really?  Think about it.  What in the world is wrong with that?

Your husband wants to be sexually intimate with you.  And he wants to be sexually intimate with you OFTEN!  And you are tripping about that?

Let me remind you of something you already know:  Our husbands did not get married to practice celibacy! We should not withhold sex to prove our point, to manipulate or to control our men (***).

If this isn’t stepping on your toes already…then no need to continue.  This is for the rest of us.

Read her full column here.

Read what Robin wrote about men:

Whenever I talk to a couple about their marriage and they indicate that “sex” is an issue, it never fails…the husband says “Robin, tell her! Tell her that the Bible says her body belongs to me”. I always laugh because I am amazed at how men who don’t quote any other parts of the Bible, always quote “a wife’s body belongs to her husband” and “wives submit to your husband…” without hesitation.  And they rarely quote the FULL scripture!

But to appease my fella’s, ladies click HERE!

Alright men.  Back to you.

If you want more sex…keep reading.

See, while we know what the Word says, we are all human.  And for most women our sex drive is turned on when we feel emotionally connected with our spouse.

I know every couple has experienced a sexual moment that seemed like something was off.  Sometimes that can be contributed to one of the partners just going through the motions…doing what they are supposed to do, but not what they want to do.

So fella’s, if you want to experience more “want to” sex, keep reading…

Let me be clear.

I am speaking to men who want to love their wives as Christ loved the church.

Read her full column here.


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