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Last night was another crazy episode on “Real Housewives of Atlanta”.  Everyone was preparing for Kim’s baby shower which seems to be like the “super-bowl” of reality television considering this is the event where EVERYTHING goes down. Prior to the baby shower, we find out that Cynthia’s husband, Peter, has done an interview in a magazine where he basically talks badly about all of the ladies, saying that Sheree is not pretty and that he can’t stand Phadera. When Kandi and Phadera go shopping for Kim’s baby shower gift, the ladies discuss Peter’s magazine interview and Phadera’s disappointment with the way he talked about her in the article.

“It’s not my fault Papa Smurf slept with everybody he ever met,” Phadera joked with Kandi about Peter, which was actually quite hilarious if I do say so myself. I suppose that this little shopping adventure foreshadows the events to come at Kim’s baby shower.

When it’s finally time for Kim’s baby shower, everything looks beautiful! Nene was not invited, of course, but the show must go on without her and her antics. Phadera, who had an over the top baby shower on last year’s season, approves of Kim’s extravagant baby shower even though Kim criticized her last season for “doing the most” whens he should have just “sat in a rocking chair, opened her gifts and been done”.

Everything seemed to be running smoothly at the shower until of course, Cynthia and Peter decided to show up five hours late with 20 minutes left in the party. Everyone was shocked to see Cynthia and Peter arrive especially since Nene was not invited, but according to Sheree, I guess Nene decided to let her puppy (Cynthia) off her leash for the day!

As soon as Peter and Cynthia sat down at the table to join the rest of the ladies, things immediately got heated. Phadera brought up Peter’s magazine interview and Apollo jumps to his wife’s defense, turning to Peter and asking him if he has a problem with him his family. Things eventually escalate to the point where Cynthia has to escort Peter out of the venue and the police were on hand just incase anything extra popped off.

Talk about your awkward ending at a baby shower!! Well, at least the cake was pretty!

Do you think that Apollo and Peter were wrong for starting this argument at Kim’s baby shower??

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