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Let’s face it. No one adores paying bills. As a matter of fact, most of us downright hate the mundane and tedious task of physically paying multiple bills. That’s why Tiffany Aliche, akaThe Budgetnista, author of The One Week Budget stopped paying her bills all together. Why do something you hate doing when you can spend the same time doing the things you love?

Aliche wrote The One Week Budget for anyone who wants to manage their day-to-day money without the day-to-day hassle. Unlike most financial books which assume that you already have a money management system in place, The One Week Budget shows readers how to take small, daily actions to achieve massive financial success and then automate it all. The step by step guide is literally broken into seven chapters, so that you can create your plan in seven days or less. Each chapter ends with an “Easy Action Steps” checklist for you to follow and generally includes a blank spreadsheet template that makes plugging in your own information rather simple. As you follow the evolution of Bella the Budgetnista, the books fictitious character utilized in order to bring the process to life, you have a real example to compare your progression with.

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Besides being very straight forward about her approach, The Budgetnista, weaves personal stories about herself or past clients throughout the book which reminds you that anyone is capable of changing their bad money habits and making wiser decisions if they so choose. According to Aliche, “money is attracted to those who manage it well and lost by those who do not.” One of my favorite stories is about a client who is an African woman who helps support her family back in her native country. She is completely overextending herself and giving to the point of jeopardizing her own financial foundation. The wisdom which Tiffany shares with her is “You never give more than you are able to give.” The way I express this to my own clients is “The worst thing you can do for a broke person is become one of them.” (Note to self: Tiffany is so much more politically correct than I am!)


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