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In response to the recent murder of Zurana Horton, a 34-year-old mother of 13 who was killed by a stray bullet last Friday,  Rev. Al Sharpton is calling for an end to gun possession in African-American communities.

Sharpton says that the increasing number of gun fatalities only is evidence that everyone isn’t responsible enough to own a firearm.

Sharpton writes:

Gun supporters and advocates always champion the 2nd Amendment and our right to bear arms. But this right doesn’t mean that everyone should possess a weapon. It doesn’t mean guns should be so readily accessible to the least stable among us. And it doesn’t mean that we don’t need stricter gun laws to keep them out of the hands of criminals and those with a complete disregard for human life. Perhaps the fierce gun proponents need to take a walk in our neighborhoods, where young children have to dodge bullets just to get an education, or where mothers and fathers spend sleepless nights figuring out ways to keep their families safe. Or maybe they need to have a conversation with Zurana Horton’s 13 children who will now have to somehow survive without a mother for the rest of their lives.



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