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Now that Beyonce has announced that she’s with child and is finally taking a break from her career, will this affect her celebrity status? Beyonce is the hardest working woman in showbiz and and has probably worked the hardest in the last three months than she has in the previous seven years, recording an album, filming videos and doing performances. The average woman can take up to 12 weeks of maternity leave without losing their position in the company, but when it comes to female celebrities divahood is virtually impossible with small children in tow.

The issue of attaining career-success before starting a family is one that confronts many celeb moms, and while we’re not saying that we want Bey’s career to take a hit, here are some divas who after having kid(s) their careers cooled off from our friends at the

Whitney Houston – Houston marries singer Bobby Brown, they have a daughter, Mommy and Daddy careen their careers into a pole of cocaine and dookie bubbles as America wonders who’s watching the baby. Both have fallen out and off but we can only hope Bobbi Kristina is somehow better off for that. Both still sell record albums, but not often.

Christina Aguilera – At the height of her popularity, Aguilera decides to get married and have a child. The marriage crumbles, as does her career. When was the last time we’ve even seen the baby? Oh right – a few days ago. NICE.


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