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MTV’s hit reality show, “16 & Pregnant” follows the lives of teen girls who get pregnant while still in high school. The show gives the world a look at their struggles to keep a relationship with their boyfriends, family and friends, finish school and provide for themselves and their child. The success of this show led to a spin off series entitled, “Teen Mom”. This series followed the same group of girls for the duration of their newborn child’s first year of life. Following the first seasons of “16 & Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” were the second seasons of both shows, and now there are talks of a third. The success of these reality shows have led the cast to be looked at as celebrities: appearing in TMZ, talk shows, magazine covers etc. and leaves one to wonder if this show that was created to prevent teen pregnancy by showing the harsh reality that these pregnant teens endure is actually glorifying and promoting it.

There have been multiple discussions on this topic, with many outraged parents and even teen girls speaking their concerns and criticisms of the show. Most recently, I came across an article criticizing the show because they do not promote abortions.

An outraged blogger stated, “Where are the pregnant teens who choose not to stay pregnant? Where are the abortions? If MTV really wanted to prove themselves as responsible programmers, they would also feature pregnant teens who have abortions.”

She went on to complain that MTV decided that only pregnancies that ended in birth were worth documenting and that pregnancies that end up in abortion shouldn’t be shown.

The president of Concerned Women for America told that “showing a teenager who had an abortion would trivialize the post-abortion problems many women face because such problems often take years to materialize”.

Since many people tune into a reality show to see how others deal with problems, having abortions on the show would not show the real consequences and emotional regrets that many women face years after their abortion has taken place.

What do you think? Should “16 & pregnant” show more abortions on the show? Or would showing abortions on the show glorify the situation like previous seasons?

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