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If the bible says death and life are in the power of the tongue, then one of the first things out of your mouth each day should be this verse!

If we can declare what we want and get it because we are sons of God, then why do we speak so negatively about our day?

Why do we claim stress, strife, calamity, etc. out of our lips when our words carry so much power?

The first thing that you say should be the thing you want to see! Each day should be declared something to show the power of God mighty for that day!

I know that things come, and I know that things occur, but what would it hurt for us to speak positively rather than negatively about our day?

It won’t hurt a thing. It will actually bless us! Depression, stress,

unhappiness, and hurt can be minimized if we just stopped talking about it

all the time.

Waking up each morning to write these daily words inspire me. It makes my day so much better. I read and reread it over and over each morning because I truly believe that God speaks it to me. And there are thousands upon thousands that access this word, so there is a responsibility required to be faithful to it. But I don’t look at it like that.

I want to hear God say something to me everyday! I don’t want my day to depend upon my decisions and my shallow view, but I want God in control. So, I listen, he speaks and many get to share in what he says via the Daily Word! Why not make it a point to hear God each morning? Reading this word each day will help you focus your mind on things above and not bury yourself in the cares of this life.

Start your day off right. Whether it’s through this Daily Word, or some other spiritual inspiration, make an effort to read, pray, and talk to God when you wake. Declare who your day belongs to and give it to him.

Watch the salvation of the Lord be revealed as you take authority over the

power of your tongue! Use it for God’s glory and be blessed daily. If this

is truly the day that the Lord has made, then that means it’s suppose to

unfold in your favor. Declare it and watch it happen!

Suggestion Reading: Judg. 4:14, Prov. 18:21, Matt. 21:21, Mark 11:23

©2009 G. Craige Works All rights reserved