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If everything that was good happened to you, God Did it…

That is the opening line to Earnest Pugh‘s new single which is a testimony for the award-winning singer. The inspiration came from Pugh’s bout with COVID-19 and God’s grace. He tells the Get Up Church “It is really like my post-COVID anthem and vindication. You know, after catching COVID, oxygen level of 70 on a ventilator for 10 days, when I was able to speak again and the doctors were like you got anything you want to say? I’m like, listen, unequivocally, “God did it” and so that’s how this song came.

An amazing testimony and song. Watch the official studio video above.


Pugh also talks with Erica about his opinions on the Stellar Awards, the “Worship Leaders Lounge” and more with Erica and GRIFF.






ERICA CAMPBELL: All right, let’s talk about this. You had very strong opinions about the Stellar Award this year, and you took a lot of heat for posting your thoughts. Do you want to share your thoughts with us this morning?

EARNEST PUGH: Yeah, I just, you know, the Stellar Awards is an amazing platform, I love Century City and what Don Jackson is doing. It’s like, leaving no soul, nobody’s gonna be left behind. My observation that was just really, it wasn’t condemnation, it was an observation of the fact that they’re kind of appealing to a more crossover audience. I don’t know whether it was something that the promoters or the buyers needed them to do. But when I saw it, the writing on the wall, just say, you know, I can no longer utilize its platform to express myself musically to appeal to my fan base, or to engage the basic consumer. So what I’m going to do, because I see the writing on the wall, I’m going to pivot to some alternative platforms, you know, just so that I can continue to advance the kingdom. I have no problems with what they did. This is just what they chose to do. And so people took that, people who really don’t understand, having used a platform for visibility for exposure, or the propel your art, or your brand, you really don’t understand the weight and gravity of that decision. So it’s interpreted as hate but it’s not hate. It’s just really being as you were one of the sons of Issachar: I can discern the seasons and times and I understand when it’s time to pivot over to something else. So there’s just other ways of expressing myself.

ERICA: You mentioned you were pivoting but where are you pivoting to?

PUGH: Well, you know, we have amazing platforms like the “Gospel Superfest” that Dr. Bobby Cartwright does every year. We’re channeling some resources his way in the near future, to where he can have that available month, at least quarterly programming opposed to just once a year. We’re also talking to Dr. Bobby Jones, about a music industry network. This is very new, but he’s going to try to do something monthly, similar to what he did on the Dr. Bobby Jones Show that he did with BET. So you know, these are alternative platforms, to express ourself musically engaged with our fan base, as well as interact with the basic consumer.

ERICA: I love it. Tell us about your “Worship Leaders Lounge.”

PUGH: The Worship Leaders Lounge, it’s kind of a platform where we speak to a lot of up and coming worship leaders who are trying to, you know, navigate, I’m an artist, I want to really put music out, but I need to have this Church job. And I say, well, over there, you’re affecting the flow of worship. Corporate worship is not what you do in corporate worship is not about riffs and runs and changing tees and swollen and hollering and quote unquote, get the house. It really is about getting everyone to come on one accord. So with young worship leaders, I’m finding that they’re hungry, and they’re thirsty for knowledge. And I’ve done that for about three decades now. So I’m pouring into them on a zoom platform to modern day worship leaders.

ERICA: Is this your daily devotional prayer journal?

PUGH: No, this is different. The “Prayer Journal” is kinda to get people plugged into God. That will be coming in the fall of this year and it’s called “Messages From Passages.” And basically, we’re getting people plugged in to God because it’s really through prayer, that you really get intimate and you really get the heart of God. You know, it’s hard to convey a message on on behalf of someone without having some type of interaction with the person in whom you’re conveying the message to. So what we say is before you tell the people, you know, God needs to tell you so let’s get in this presence. Let’s see what he’s actually saying to his people through this Prayer Journal.





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