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Erica Campbell: We can’t, we can’t play off or, or act like we didn’t just come out of pandemic, y’all. We just came out of a pretty traumatic time. We just dealt with a lot. And I think a lot of us are just getting back to work as usual as if we didn’t just go that as if the whole world didn’t just shut down. How are you doing? How are you feeling? I’m going to give you six questions that you should be asking to check in with yourself. How am I feeling? It’s an important question to help you analyze your mood. It’s really easy for us to get on autopilot and do what we do. But sometimes we’re frustrated, overwhelmed, emotionally, not doing well don’t feel well, you know, and after all the people that we’ve lost, we just got to check in on ourselves, then you got to ask yourself, what is not working for me?

Figure out what you would change in your situation? And are you willing to make that change? Right? And then ask yourself, what is working for me? What am I enjoying? What part do I actually like? Maybe it’s time for a career change? Maybe it’s time for a move? Who knows? But y’all, we went through a traumatic time, we got to deal with it, we got to process and then you need to ask yourself, what do I need?


And this is not just a question of what do I need to be happy? Because that question can be tricky, you know because you can’t walk away from your family and your kids. And you know, I know some people do, but I wouldn’t suggest it. What do you need? What are you looking for? Do you need to have conversations with people around you? Do you need to have honest conversations with people around you? This will help you figure out what you need just to be in a place of peace just to function, you know? And then what am I proud of?


What do I feel good about? What achievement really mean something? I know, unfortunately, in our community, some of us don’t know how to celebrate ourselves. We don’t want to be celebrated. We don’t allow people to celebrate us. And so learning to be proud within yourself is important. Because you have to feel good about you. This is a self-check-in and then what can I let go of? What is not serving me not serving God not bringing joy? What can I let go of? What am I a part of that every time I do it, I roll my eyes and smack my teeth? You know that sound that lets you know when somebody is tired? If you do that every time then it might be time to let go. The most important thing is where is God in my life? Where is God in my life? And I want everybody to take a moment and do a self-check in you know, this is not you know just about your relationship or your work it’s about you. Where are you? How are you feeling? Are you in a place of joy or peace or at least contentment? And if you’re not doing something about it? All right, don’t sit in a place that allows you to become stagnated. You know what you’re not moving forward, you ain’t moving backward.

You just say move and you just do you know, you’re a human doing, not a human being. Take time to just be we’re so busy doing things that there’s no joy Don’t be so busy doing that you don’t forget to be who you are. Be who God created you to be Be happy, be content be filled with joy. Just learn to just be whatever that means if that’s going to church or go to a park that’s to take a trip around the world or sit on a bench at the beach wherever just be and find your happy place all right.



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