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Hey its IAmGwoods, here is a new feature we have here on! It’s #WorshipWednesday! So get on twitter right now and WORSHIP!

I came across this video on Youtube from Tye Tribett. The song is entitled “Son of Man.” The lyrics that stuck out most were:

“In the splendor of your majesty, From deep within my spirit sings, Holy, Holy”

Psalms 145:5 says “They will speak of the glorious splendor of your majesty, and I will meditate on your wonderful works.”

I will speak – That is, in my acts of praise. I will not be ashamed to be known as his worshipper; I will publicly declare my belief in his existence, his greatness, his goodness.

Of the glorious honor of thy majesty – The glory of the honor of thy majesty. This accumulation of epithets shows that the heart of the psalmist was full of the subject, and that he labored to find language to express his emotions. It is beauty; it is glory; it is majesty: it is all that is great, sublime, wonderful – all combined – all concentrated – in one Being.

And of thy wondrous works – Margin, “things,” or “words.” The reference is to wondrous deeds or acts considered as the subject of discourse or praise.

He deserves our Praise! He is Worthy! I could go on and on! Watch the video then leave a comment below!


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