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First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes the baby in the baby carriage?

Meagan Good would argue that this sequence of love and life is not conducive to every happy home. The veteran actress sat down, virtually, on The Drew Barrymore Show where she shared how supportive her loving husband, Hollywood producer, DeVon Franklin has been while she contemplates motherhood. Meagan and DeVon Franklin wed eight years ago, and she was certain motherhood would come soon after as most people forced the idea of little Franklins running around their home lightyears before the wedding bells could finish ringing.

Usually when a couple gets married, family and friends begin to make elaborate plans for them as if there’s a real timeline for love and parenthood. In the clip, Meagan discusses how she questioned having children early on in their marriage. The feeling of whether or not women are “supposed” to have a child because society pressures young married couples into forming families that they may not be prepared to sustain.


In the last two years, Meagan is reconsidering motherhood after her and DeVon spent eight years growing in their marriage.

Barrymore suggests that DeVon host a Ted talk on letting go of society’s timeline for marriage and children and being open to their partner’s journey or “process.” She even shared her own experiences in motherhood such as starting her journey as a mother when she was 36 years old.

The conversation about some imaginary timeline for life and love is important to discuss. Especially amongst women who are career driven, unmotivated to settle or simply unsure of their desires about motherhood, these stories are often left untold. Barrymore described Meagan and DeVon’s reaction to their experiences as “bringing a sense of calm” to anyone who may be contemplating their journeys through love.

The ticking biological clock that women certainly creates an unnecessary sense of urgency. It does not help when your doctor makes all of these suggestions like, “it may be time to consider freezing your eggs.”

Meagan’s response to this imaginary clock, “I don’t think it’s fair to bring children in this world if that’s not what you desire.”

It’s a shame more parents don’t consider this one factor before having children. The child did not ask to be here. Any adult should understand that bringing children in the world must be something you truly desire. Not because babies are cute or that is what friends or family are pressuring you to do. Do what is best for you and your partner.

Meagan tells Drew that she recently put on her director hat for her first feature length film, which explores different women’s perspectives on starting their journeys toward motherhood. It will be exciting to see more from Meagan Good, and if she decides to take up motherhood soon, you know a gallery of adorable Franklin baby pictures will follow.

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