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Featured Organization: Atlanta Speaks

Address: 939 MT. AIRY DRIVE, ATLANTA GA 30311

Phone: (404) 835-2428


Linking young minds with a network of people that care about their future and where they’re headed, Atlanta Speaks utilizes public speakers that use innovative and creative ways to reach young minds through select forums. We feature content specialists that have a unique interest in reaching the most valuable demographic, our young people. Through riveting topics and innovative, interactive discussions, our speakers have defined a way to make their impact. With members that reach across a number of industries and sectors, Atlanta Speaks, has the diversity to fit any audience an occasion.

Our mission is to motivate and inspire young minds to recognize, realize and maximize their full potential to become leaders of the next generation.

Atlanta Speaks’ vision is to be the top conglomerate of professionals that strive to inspire the next generation of leaders through motivational and interactive speaking engagements. We help tomorrow’s leaders identify their inner-strengths and the things necessary to become successful.

Core Standards:

  • Lead by example
  • Provide the target audience with substantive information toward becoming a successful individual
  • Project a professional attitude and atmosphere at all times