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A squabble at a council meeting in a Georgia city has caught the attention of the NAACP after a white councilman told his black counterpart that he should be working in a cotton field.

The exchange took place in a recent Warner Robins City Council meeting near Macon, said Larry Holmes, president of the NAACP in Houston County.

“They need to learn to respect each other, and they need to stop all the name calling,” Holmes said.

“Ever since this new council was elected, there has been different problems. For one thing, they just can’t seem to function there in a more pleasant and peaceful manner.”

The controversial “cotton field” exchange happened at the meeting at the Warner Robins City Council earlier in October, said CNN affiliate WMAZ-TV in Macon.

The heated argument captured on tape was between council members John Williams, who is white, and Daron Lee, who is black, the affiliate reported.

During the exchange, Lee said he was tired of being interrupted and was upset about how he was treated at an earlier meeting.

“I was disrespected last Monday. I’m getting about tired of you all, talking to me any kind of way. I’m not working in a cotton field,” Lee said.

Williams paused for a second and then replied, “You should be.”

Lee then walked out of the meeting but later returned, the TV station reported.

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