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Go Get your Holiday Job Today!

More than 650,000 jobs are available as companies get ready for the upcoming holidays.

Retail stores will need help in every area from sales to office work to customer service and shipping, even if it’s on a temporary basis. For the thousand of Atlantans who are unemployed, this is a wonderful chance to get back into the workforce.

Still with unemployment around 10 percent, competition will be tough. The Georgia Department of Labor is encouraging you to energetically go after employers who are hiring. Retail stores will need people both on the show rooms and in the back stockrooms.

Macy’s plans to hire 65,000 nationally. UPS will employ an additional 50,000. Toys’R’Us will add another 45,000 to their payroll, and Best Buy another 29,000.

Log onto the companies’ websites for information on the job process.

Company No. Jobs Web site address
Best Buy 29,000
Borders Unspecified
DHL Unspecified
FedEx Unspecified
JCPenney 30,000
Kohl’s 40,000
Limited Brands 50,000
Macy’s 65,000
Pier 1 Unspecified
Target Unspecified
Toys R Us 45,000
UPS 50,000
Walmart Unspecified