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A new study has broken down how much money you need to make annually to live in a particular city, and Atlanta is surprisingly still one of the cheaper cities to buy a house when it comes to annual income, still $10,000 below the national average

According to data from U.S. Census Bureau, San Jose and San Francisco, rank at the top of the list with a price tag of close to 200,000 a year just to afford a home. Atlanta is amongst the lowest with a salary tag just under $50,000 a year. Check out the top how the list compares city to city.


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Top 5 Cities With the Highest Salary Required for Buying a Home

1. San Jose, CA – $254,835.73

2. San Francisco,CA – $198,978.01

3. San Diego, CA – $131,640.79

4. Los Angeles, CA – $123,156.01

5. Boston, MA – $106,789.93


Top 5 Cities With the Lowest Salary Required for Buying a Home

1. Pittsburgh, PA – $37,659.86

2. Cleveland, OH – $40,437.72

3. Oklahoma City, OK – $41,335.41

4. Memphis, TN – $41,400.93

5. Indianapolis, IN – $42,288.92

Atlanta, GA – $ 49,840.16


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