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Easter Speech 2018

Source: Veda Howard / Veda Howard

It’s that time of year! We celebrate our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for showing his love by paying the ultimate price for us.

One traditional way Resurrection Day is commemorated in the church is making sure children get a chance to stand up in their Sunday Best and recite an Easter Speech! How many of you remember standing in front of the church, forgetting your lines and staring at the ceiling… as if the words would some how appear on it? I know I’m not the only one. LOL!

Teaching children about the Lord and training them in public speaking is priceless. We know practice makes perfect. Each year I love having the kids call my show the day before Easter so I can hear them recite their speeches. Here’s my 3 point plan for delivering an amazing Easter Speech. WATCH BELOW!



Veda Howard

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