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Snoop Dogg released his gospel album  Bible Of Love which he drew inspiration from his late grandmother on. Willie Moore Jr. “Keeps It 100″ with Uncle Snoop on his new album.

“Man, that’s beautiful that you spoke on that because this is the whole premise of this record. Is just to give back to the spirit that she instilled in me. It’s actually a record and a play and a movie,” expressed Snoop Dogg. “The play will be coming to a hood near you where you will get a chance to see exactly why I did the record, what was inspired by the record and how my grandmother’s influence is all over this project.”

Snoop Dogg, who was raised by his grandmother, offered a word of advice out there to kids being raised by their grandmothers.

“So if she is telling you something that you don’t want to hear, it’s probably because you need to hear and you need to love and respect that,” explained Snoop Dogg. “One thing about grandmothers is that they have wisdom you know. They’re the backbone of the family.”

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