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H&M has been the latest subject of ridicule on social media, after posting an advertisement of a black male wearing a hoodie labeled “coolest monkey in the jungle”. Do you think this was racist? Watch KD Bowe dish on everything below.

“H&M, God bless you. You should know better.At the end of the day, is it racist? I don’t know. Is it insensitive? Absolutely. You’ve gotta have somebody on board to teach you what to say and what not to say.”

“As it relates to monkeys and apes and black people and the correlation, it’s dehumanizing. And so we gotta stop it. It goes back in time. You can say well, they have been equated to white people as well. C’mon, it’s not the same. You can say one thing to somebody else that you can’t say to somebody else. If I say to my wife, wow look like you’ve gained weight, that’s gonna be a problem. If she says it to me, it aint a problem.

“You’ve gotta know how to say the right thing to the right person. If you don’t know, you need to hire somebody. Or, you’re just gonna lose a lot of money. Ask Papa John’s, and apparently, you too H&M.”