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After being fired, Omarosa Manigault could redeem her sunken self by marching straight into special counsel Bob Mueller’s office and telling him everything she knows about Russian collusion with her now-former boss’ administration. But the question is, will she?

Because of her close association with the president and her exclusive access in the White House, she may have been privy to some damning information that could help bring about the demise of the president and his associates.

The former “Apprentice” star-turned presidential adviser was reportedly forcibly removed from the White House late Tuesday night around the time the Donald Trump-endorsed and accused pedophile Republican Roy Moore lost Alabama’s special election for the Senate. Black women in particular were credited for helping to push Doug Jones past the finish line in Tuesday’s election, a factor that likely added to the burden of being the lone African-American woman in the White House, according to BuzzFeed News.

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“She struggled with being an African-American senior staffer, with all the racial incidents in the White House, and I think it was starting to weigh on her,” an anonymous White House staffer told BuzzFeed News.

White House correspondent and Washington bureau chief for American Urban Radio Networks tweeted a vivid picture of the episode that may as well have included Omarosa removing her earrings and shoes in preparation for a street fight at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Because of that alleged treatment, Omarosa could easily be compelled to snitch on the very man who launched her career (and fired her twice). Chances are she’ll eventually join the chorus of witnesses subpoenaed by Mueller to help bolster his case against the president and his top associates’ alleged efforts to rig the 2016 election.

It reportedly took Trump’s infamous “both sides” response to last summer’s White nationalist violence in Charlottesville to rouse Omarosa from her apparent slumber. Shortly afterward, reports emerged that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly wanted her gone.

Regardless of how it came to be, Omarosa was expected to officially leave the White House as a member of the administration early next month, making her the latest Black woman who Trump now has good reason to fear.


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