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Guilt should have one primary purpose: act as a trigger for us to make things right with God, man or both. When we live in a perpetual state of guilt we open the door for condemnation and accusations from the devil. Let’s be clear, no matter what you did, the blood of Jesus is enough to cover it. Period. Once it’s covered, God doesn’t see you as a sinner anymore. It seems hard to believe because it feels too easy but, based on the price paid, Jesus would say otherwise. His blood is always enough. If you are tormented by memories of what you did and have constant grief, depression & anxiety AFTER you realize God has forgiven you? This is not of God. Forgive yourself & stop letting the devil win. He wins when he can make you believe something about yourself that’s not true. You’re not a sinner. You’re the righteousness of God…act like it!

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