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Sophia Jean-Baptiste was tired of allowing her hair to run her life and went natural 2 years ago. She proudly declares that she is “absolutely in love with her hair journey.” As many women easily get frustrated with their hair as they are transitioning, she shared the number one tip she received:

“Stop comparing your hair journey to everyone else!”

Real Girls, Real Curls

Source: Sophia Jean Baptiste

When Sophia first went natural her hair was short because she did not want to spend her time transitioning. She recalls,

“I tried every product under the sun to make my hair grow faster. I was frustrated because I felt that my hair wasn’t going to be what I had envisioned. It wasn’t until my stylist at H2 Salon in Brooklyn told me I needed to be patient and enjoy the process.”

Sophia also added a major key from her stylist which is that your hair is nothing like anyone else and it’s important to accept what you have. Sophia also added that the hairdresser stressed the importance of time, “She said I would turn around a year from now and my hair will be completely different (and it is!).”

Real Girls, Real Curls

Source: Sophia Jean Baptiste / Sophia Jean Baptiste

I love Sophia’s curls. They always look so defined and on point. She achieves the above look by doing the following:

  1. Use a spray bottle to dampen your hair.
  2. Section your hair off into 5 sections: front bag, both sides, and split the back into two sections.
  3. Then braid your hair in each section, lightly coating the strands with the Camille Rose Whipped Butter Gel (a little goes a long way).
  4. Major Key: She braids her hair until the end leaving a bit of hair out to twirl under her finger to curl.
  5. She sleeps with a hair bonnet.
  6. The next morning she coats her fingertips with the Whipped Butter gel and carefully unbraids each strand. *Be careful not to disrupt the curl pattern!*
  7. She then fluffs her hair and uses Carol’s Daughter Tui oil spray for color treated hair as a finishing spray.

These steps allow her to get four days of the style. Wow!

Do YOU want to be our next Real Girls, Real Curls? We here at #TeamBeautiful celebrate our natural hair sistahs! Submit your natural hair to for a chance to be featured! When submitting, please don’t forget to include the following:

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2. What product you used to achieve the look.

3. How you achieved the look.

4. How long you have been natural.

5. The best natural hair care tip you have received.


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