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Pastor & Evangelist Kimberly Jones Pothier aka Real Talk Kim, is one of the newest Pastors on Oxygen’s Preachers of Atlanta.

She shares her testimony of finding God after divorce and becoming a pastor in Fayetteville, Georgia alongside her husband Pastor Mark Pothier. She also tells us how being casted for the show came about as a surprise!

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When speaking about her role on Preachers of Atlanta she says:

This show is not about material things, this is about allowing you in pastor’s homes that have real lives, real issues and we’re getting through them and I’m honored to be on the show.

On what she is looking for the show to do for her ministry:

I’m more excited  about people going to see Jesus through me! I’m such a fan girl of my followers. I think God prepared me for this. I don’t even know how (the network) got my number! I never went after it. I never wanted anything but to love people back to life. So…. God trusts me!!!

She also encourages single women to make God their center focus before involving themselves in unhealthy relationships with men:

I put a “do not disturb” on my heart after my divorce. I always thought a man validated me as a woman. I prayed and asked God to keep me center focused…I told myself, “I will not allow a man in my world at any level. I’m gonna prepare for everything I’m praying for… I’m gonna learn how to preach, I’m gonna learn how to lead… and whenever you open that door, I’m gonna be ready and he’s gonna drop him from the sky.” And six years later he did just that! Let go of that ex…even if you ran him off, if you get better and not bitter, watch God give you the best gift of your life, which is purpose, destiny and a man of God thats gonna love your lights out and be your escape and honor you!

What a powerful testimony!

Preachers of Atlanta airs February 3rd on the Oxygen network.

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