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Right now, if you’re on the east coast you’re probably singing some tunes in line with “Take me to another place | Take me to another land | Make me forget all that hurts me | Let me understand your plan” – Arrested Development.

There’s no better time like the present to look for a cheap ticket to somewhere, anywhere, warmer. Find a magical place where coats, scarves, hats and gloves are not required. Pack your bags and get there by any means necessary.

Seriously, I can feel the cold from the Facebook photos. I feel sorry for your mother.

When you go, here are a few important things that you should take with you:

  • A “Good Vibes Only” Attitude: You’ve escaped the wrath of Jonas (which I thought was in reference to the reuniting of the Jonas brothers #JudgeNot). Your attitude should be full of gratitude, shining bright and full of life.
  • A Bomb Bikini or A Winning One-Piece: When in Rome or at the beach, do as the Romans or Beachers (beach people?) do. Soak up as much sun as your body can handle. You’ll need the reserve for when you step off the plane on your return and get smacked in the face with the remnants of Jonas.

Travel in Style with these 7 Travel Essentials

Andrea Iyamah Karissa High Waist Swimsuit

  • Street Style Worthy Sneakers: They keep the sand from getting between your toes and they’re perfect for playing tourist.


Travel in Style with these 7 Travel Essentials

Want Les Essentiels Lennon Sneaker

  • Fashion Forward Fanny Pack: A belt bag if you’re nasty. Seriously, release your hands and let your conscience be free.

Travel in Style with these 7 Travel Essentials

Marc Jacobs Cris Bag

  • A Moment Capturing Mechanism: Smart Phone or DSLR? Whatever you fancy just make sure you have it ready to stunt for the ‘gram or not.
Portrait of smiling young woman wearing hat and denim shirt holding camera


  • A Dope Duffel Bag: If you must carry a bag, let the bag be fly. A wheeled option is going to save your back and allow you to effortlessly float through the terminals.

Travel in Style with these 7 Travel Essentials

Chaps Hyde Park 22-Inch Wheeled Duffle Bag

  • Bite Sized Beauty Products: Travel sized beauty and toiletry products will save you a lot of hassle at the TSA. Also, you can keep the travel bag prepared at all times. So, that when you’re ready to travel, you just grab and go. Stay ready so that you don’t have to get ready!
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What are you go-to style infused travel essentials?

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