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When you are intimate with someone else, you trust them enough to share your secrets. As God, Jesus already knows everything about you anyway, but when you choose to tell him what’s hidden deep within you, it proves you trust him. This translates to song as well. You can tell when someone knows Him and when someone is going through the motions. Michelle Williams opened up with the beautiful song ‘Believe In Me‘ off her album ‘Journey To Freedom‘. The whole album focuses on being a friend to Jesus and in tuen he will befriend you.

This week on Sunday Best, judges Donnie McClurkin, Kierra Sheard and Yolanda Adams rated the second chance team on ‘ What A Friend ‘ we have in Jesus theme night.

Terrill Hill sang the song ‘Jesus Be A Fence’. During his tutoring Kim Burrell wanted him to be more sure of his notes. The song was originally performed by  Fred Hammond. Kirk Franklin loved his performance

Donnie McClurkin: You look like superman

Kierra Sheard: I thought you were phenomenal and thought of you already as an artist.

Yolanda Adams: Absolutely great. I had hoped you would be one of the one bought back


Dathan Thigpen Kim Burrell was blown away and thought viewers at home would be like.  ‘I Can Only Imagine’ that was sung by Tamela Mann.

Donnie McClurkin: You showed your artistry. You poured out your passion

Kierra Sheard: You allowed us to have that intimacy with the Lord

Yolanda Adams: I am so proud of what we see now. We get to see the greatness of God through


Tiquila Wilson Kim enjoyed her laid back vibe and hip hop delivery.  ‘Hold On Change is Coming’ by Sounds of Blackness was her choice. Kirk queried whether she cold rap in her hip hop outfit she chose to wear.

Donnie McClurkin: You controlled the song . You controlled yourself.

Kierra Sheard: I love  the look.  You were swagged out.

Yolanda Adams: You have such an amazing powerhouse voice  and I didn’t feel that you showed that.


Martha Buries Kim Burrell  wanted her to show her confidence. She chose to sing ‘For Every Mountain’ by Kurt Carr. Kirk commended her beautiful rendition.

Donnie McClurkin: You really portrayed it well.

Kierra Sheard: I thought you were great and I loved you put your all in it.

Yolanda Adams: I saw you hesitant in the beginning. You took off .


Zebulon Ellis Kim was concerned where his delivery was. ‘I Got Jesus’ by Canton Spirituals had  him dancing around the stage.

Donnie McClurkin: You drove all of us crazy.

Kierra Sheard: I’m young and I know when to go to church

Yolanda Adams: When you went quartet.. you gave me something I needed


Sue ‘Mama Sue’ Roseberry Kim Burrell could only comment that she had an anointing on her voice.   ‘A Word From The Lord’, the chosen pick has been covered by both Kim Burrell and Vickie Winans.

Donnie McClurkin: You have such a good music sense.

Kierra Sheard: It was excellent.

Yolanda Adams: I am glad to see you back and I have always thought you were one of the best here on  ‘Sunday Best’.


Brightnie Jones Kim  Burrell thought she over-sings.  She chose to sing  a song covered by Martha Munizzi and Karen Cark Sheard ‘God Is Here’.

Donnie McClurkin: I thought it was wonderful performance and your best in three weeks.

Kierra Sheard: I thought it was one of the best performances

Yolanda Adams: I am a Karen Clark Sheard fan and I liked what she did with this song.Make sure that your runs count.


Clifton Ross Kim thought he was focused.  He chose to sing ‘Fill Me Up’ which has been sung by Tasha Cobbs and Casey J.

Donnie McClurkin: You controlled that entire song because it was personal.

Kierra Sheard: I could cry right now. You reminded me that you need a little more Jesus.

Yolanda Adams: The way you controlled that song from the start to the end said , ‘He is ready’

The person who was sent home was Mama Sue.

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