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Proverbs 22:7 “The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.”

The net worth of the average African-American ($11,000)* is in stark contrast to the GDP or gross domestic product for that same group ($1.3 trillion)**. To be fair, comparing GDP to net-worth is comparing apples and oranges but I believe that is is fair to expect that a group that spends 1.4-trillion dollars per year would have more personal assets per person.

Seeds that are planted into fertile ground will produce trees that will then produce fruit and more seeds from that fruit that can again be planted to invigorate this cycle of life.

Needs on the other hand would be the equivalent of planting weeds. Weeds will choke out any seeds and potential fruit that would have sprung from the act of sowing.

Our dollars, seeds, should be planted in areas of growth and not fields of weeds. Assets such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds and real-estate are examples of fields where your financial seed can be planted with the expectation of growth. These aforementioned items are not flashy or sexy but they can grow and increase your net worth or total wealth that you own.

Seeds, money, planted in any area (field) other than a field equipped for growth will be a need that must be addressed and cause a drag on your bottom line. If I throw apple seeds onto the concrete you understand that an apple tree will never sprout. Those seeds are wasted.

Do you need a new pair of shoes or do you want a new pair of shoes? Do you need that expensive cable sports package or do you want that expensive cable sports package?

Seeds by themselves are useless unless planted in the proper environment for growth. Are you planting seeds or are you planting needs?

Planting seeds can create wealth. Planting needs creates debt which can lead to poverty. As long as you are in debt you are in bondage to another man. I haven’t met any wealthy slaves.

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