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This past Tuesday, two White cops were caught on video unjustifiably placing Floyd Dent, 57 in a chokehold and beating him. The video also shows the officers dragging him out of the driver’s seat in his Cadillac. Last night, during an episode of All In With Chris Hayes, with his Attorney Gregory Rohl by his side, Dent talked about the police brutality he experienced and that the cocaine found underneath the seat of his car wasn’t his, but a set up by one of the six cops that eventually surrounded him and snooped his car.

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The incident occurred on a road in Inkster, a town just outside of Detroit and the cops and Dent, a retired autoworker, was pulled over because he failed to halt at a stop sign. The unidentified cops also claimed that Dent said, “I’ll kill you” while he was still in the car. In their minds, that’s supposed to somehow pacify the chokehold, three taser shots in stomach and thigh and sixteen punches in the head and the reported two kicks that Dent experienced on his body that he had to spend three days in the hospital for. His injuries included a broken rib.

On All In, Dent said that the cocaine found in his car was planted by the cops at some point after he was fully cuffed. As further proof, when he was regulated to a drug test, his recent results came back negative. (Interestingly, one of the cops, William Melendez who punched Dent on video, had a dispute with the Detroit Police Department in 2003 over charges he had planted and falsified reports. He was later “not guilty.”)

Whether or not Dent really was in possession of cocaine is currently being investigated by Michigan State Police. He was offered a plea deal of probation and “expunging” of an otherwise clean record for six months. Dent rejected the plea and will continue to plead guilty for not having drugs on him.

Watch the video above of Dent and his attorney’s appearance on MSNBC. The video is disturbing and Melendez’s excessive punches are particularly difficult to watch. It actually recalls the same kind of brutality that Rodney Kind went through. Why does this seem like a new trend? Police seem to be pulling on killing Black men and instead are beating them until they’re bloody, black and blue. SMH.


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