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Roland Martin, host of “NewsOne Now” recently sat down with outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder for an exclusive one-on-one interview covering a wide rage of topics including how he has dealt with staunch opposition from Republicans and his critics.

Holder explained to Martin when responding to harsh criticism, “You always have to maintain the dignity of the office.” He then added, “But in a lot of ways that’s not who I am.”

“You hit me, I want to hit you back. And so I have held back in a lot of the responses that I have made to criticism that I thought were unfair.”

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The nation’s first African American Attorney General then told Martin he got to a point where he said,  “All right I’m just not going to take that.’”

“This is a very polarized environment that we work in.  In Washington DC the Attorney General over recent years has been a focus of these kinds of things. So it’s not just been me. I think back to my predecessor Janet Reno, she came this close to being held in contempt over some documents that she did not want to provide.”

“We’re not seeing anything that is necessarily new, I will say I think the intensity of the criticism that has come my way is a bit unprecedented.”

Watch Eric Holder discuss how he has dealt with his detractors during his tenure as Attorney General in the video clip above.

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