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It’s probably the most popular love story ever written, but its portrayal of marital intimacy has generated no small amount of controversy.

Some Jews forbade men from reading it before age 30. John Calvin once had a man expelled from Geneva in part because of the way he interpreted it. And former Seattle pastor Mark Driscoll drew sharp criticism for using it to describe specific sexual acts.

Should Christians remain above the fray and avoid reading such a provocative love story? No, because it’s in the Bible, it’s inspired by God, and it gives insight into one of Israel’s most significant kings, Baptist seminary professors say.

It’s the Song of Solomon.

“I believe that by teaching our churches the principles of this book, we’ll have stronger marriages, we’ll have parents being more accountable for their children in the teenage years and we’ll have more people waiting to engage in sexual relationships in marriage,” Archie England, professor of Old Testament and Hebrew at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, told Baptist Press.

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