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On Thursday, hundreds of Congressional staffers walked out of work in a sign of solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Friday, Kamau Marshall, Public Affairs Associate for the Senate and the organizer for the walk out, joined Roland Martin on “NewsOne Now” to discuss yesterday’s Capitol Hill protest.

When asked how did the discussion come about and how was the decision made to publicly stand in support of the protests movements going on around the country, Marshall told Martin, “This has always been a discussion on Capitol Hill especially with all of the Black staffers.”

Marshall said that when the hearings on Trayvon Martin began, there was an “awareness” of the issue on The Hill.

Martin asked Marshall, “What are the conversations taking place between staffers and their bosses? Because they could actually have an impact when it comes to policy.”

“That can be something different. It all depends on who that boss, who that member is, everyone has their different opinions, everyone has a different take on what they would like to happen or what they think is right, but for the most part I’m actually pretty surprised at most of the members. They’re actually in agreeance with what is going on right now.” Marshall then emphasized a second time that most of the members were in agreement with the protesters.

“With the climate change in politics, things are about to change due to the parties, we’ll really see if the change will really happen. If they are really for these changes now.”

Listen to Martin, Kamau Marshall and the “NewsOne Now” Straight Talk Panel discuss the Thursday’s sign of solidarity in the audio clip below.

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